6 reasons why: a recruiter can help your job search

6 reasons why: a recruiter can help your job search

Candidates remain passive across the emerging and enabling technology industries. Whilst that’s not a bad thing and people seem happy where they are, there’s still a desperate need for readily available talent.

Scotland’s Photonics market, alone, is a billion-pound industry that supports over 4000 highly skilled jobs, with a vision to treble the sector by 2030. That’s a lot of jobs! With so much opportunity coming to the market, now is the perfect time to be thinking about your future options.

Ever wondered how much value a recruiter can bring to your job search? Well, the answer is a lot. Here are six reasons why a recruiter can help your job search:

Market Information and Industry Knowledge

We’re connected. We’re invested in our market and so we’re in a great place to provide you with expert advice on the jobs market, as well as industry trends and news. We’re able to give impartial advice on roles and companies, as well as the most common lies to look out for in job descriptions.

Salary Information

We know what’s available in the market place for your skillset and what salary you can expect. We also know that salaries advertised are not always what can be expected, which is an important factor when it comes to an offer. We’re able to negotiate with the hiring company on your behalf to secure a deal that you’re both happy with. That doesn’t just include salary, it’s about the whole package; career progression, training and development should always be considered too.

Streamlining your CVs and Cover Letters

We’re CV experts, we see them day in and day out. We can expertly assess your CV and advise you on how to best sell yourself to your potential new employer. People often underestimate the need for a quality CV and Cover Letter, we can help you to craft a stand-out CV.

Interview Tips and Techniques

Interview skills a little rusty? It may have been a while since your last interview, we understand. Recruiters can help to put your mind at ease and ensure you come across as professional and as confident as possible. We will often know which hiring manager will be conducting the interview and so we’re best placed to give you advice on how to impress.

Unadvertised Vacancies

Companies that advertise their vacancies through a recruiter very often limit advertising their vacancies in other places. That means a recruiter has exclusive access to roles you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Match Making

When a recruiter does their job well, they know you and the companies they’re working with really well. They’re able to compare your skills, experience and personality with a hiring company’s expectations and culture to find the perfect match.

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