We work with companies in the deep tech sector who are determined to find, recruit and win the best talent for their team.

We recruit senior engineers or for a whole team for start ups or when you scale up. We offer permanent and contract recruitment services for the Electronics, Photonics and Semiconductor sectors across the UK.

In an industry where competition for talent is fierce we use tried and tested methods to source the right talent for your team even when they’re not looking for a new position. We have a deep network of contacts in the sector that allows us to source and match candidates to the right team.

What makes our offering unique is that we specialise in recruiting in the deep tech sector. We understand the nature of the industry, the jobs, the people and the recruitment marketplace. We go above and beyond from the standard posting on jobs sites to identifying and speaking to candidates who are not looking for a job but could be a perfect match for your business.

Questions we can answer. Problems we can solve.

  • How to improve your response to your advert.
  • How to attract the right candidates.
  • The most effective way to find candidates who are not actively in the job market.
  • The most common mistakes companies make when recruiting.
  • How to effectively woo and win the best talent on to your team.

A directly tailored approach to recruitment

In our experience recruiting in the deep tech sector takes a unique approach. It’s often not enough particularly if you are recruiting for a senior position, to put out a job ad online and hope the applicants roll in.

The reality is that this is a highly and increasingly competitive industry when it comes to recruiting the best talent on to your team. This competition for talent has intensified post COVID and Brexit. That is why we have tailored our services to your needs and the reality of the marketplace.

We also offer a complimentary recruitment review.

Service package

Retained Exclusive Search for Technical Leaders
Our retained search package includes the following services:
  • Database search
  • Job board advertising
  • Website advert
  • Online database search
  • Dedicated LinkedIn search
  • Social media campaign
  • Free interview advice
  • Offsite interview facilities
  • Video interview
  • Headhunting
  • Guaranteed two candidate interviews
To deliver the very best for our clients we primarily offer retained exclusive recruitment services.
Complimentary recruitment review
Try before you buy with our complimentary recruitment review. If you have tried the following but have still failed to attract the right candidates we can help you:
  • If you’ve advertised the position but didn’t attract the applications you require
  • You’ve asked your team for referrals
  • Talked to people in your own network
  • No internal candidates have applied
  • Advertised on job sites and your own website
If that describes your experience then you need a new approach to your recruitment. Email me or call 0131 510 8150 to find out more and to book your complimentary recruitment review now.

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