How we help candidates find their next role

How we help candidates find their next role

As a specialist recruiter that is well known in our niche we are often approached by people who have found themselves looking for a new job.

As a specialist recruiter who is well known in our niche, we are often approached by people who have found themselves looking for a new job. The challenge for most in this position is that they typically have been busily working away in their company for a number of years so whilst they know the industry they really are not on top of who is recruiting or not and who to approach in those companies to engage in speculative conversations. Especially for those who have not left their existing employment or for those who simply wish to be discreet working with a well networked recruiter can uncover opportunities that would most likely have bypassed them without our help.

Often there is also the need to help keep people’s spirits up and let them know they are not alone when entering an anxious moment in their lives. Having a recruiter who can guide them through salary expectations, the mood of the market, the type of companies, and the growth cycles of these companies can really help settle an individual’s concerns. Giving a clear idea of timeframes from the start of the job search to starting a new job is well received by people.

So the first step of the process is the consultation call – teams and Zoom meetings make this easy to do and helps to build rapport but also to set out a clear course of action. We will help candidates home in on what they really are looking for and the levels of flexibility they have around location, commuting, working away from home, salary and job role. This is a chance for the job seeker to reflect on the choices they have instead of just ploughing on to the next most obvious option.

This all helps us narrow down the companies to whom introduce candidates to. These will be 2 groups, companies that we are close to and maybe even actively working with or have close working relationships with including companies that we have placed with in the past. The second tier might be target companies from our own market intelligence and or the candidate’s own knowledge and slightly more speculative in nature. Different approaches are made depending on the relationships with the companies.

For clients we are close to a discreet introduction of the candidate can be made in confidence and more detail can be shared. For those target clients that we are less familiar with we are able to offer a high level description of the candidate to instigate the conversation and from that more information is built up on both sides before formal introductions are made.

This approach does generate some strong outcomes as evidenced by the following candidate testimonials:

Rob Roach,

Thanks Ben for finding an exciting new position for me, your guidance, encouragement and reassurance were invaluable, in what can be a daunting adventure for both the new employee and employer. The regular check-ups and liaising skills meant the process went very smoothly and ensured a win/win situation.

Calum Muir,
Ben recently provided stellar support in my job search. He is very easy to talk to and obviously cares about each candidate he works with. At every stage Ben was extremely supportive and I couldn’t have been made more prepared for the interview process. I would thoroughly recommend Ben to anyone looking a new role.

Toby Jeffreys,

Ben from Enigma People Solutions was brilliant at helping me secure a role that perfectly matched my experience level. His excellent communication coupled with his extensive experience in recruitment significantly reduced the stress of finding a job. Definitely my best recruitment experience.

The benefit for clients is that they are presented a solution rather than traditional recruitment where recruiters are assigned a task that they may or may not complete by finding someone. The conversion rate from client interview to offering the candidate is more than 50% so clearly this works.

The success of this process comes down to the following elements:

Relationships – knowing who to approach in the businesses

Timing – presenting a solution or an option at a time that the client can respond and take advantage of it or has a need.

Market knowledge – knowing the market segment well enough to be able to match prospects to potential employers

Market specialisation or niching – means we are only working with highly specialised and relevant candidates that we know are sought after by the client groups so the service is appreciated by both parties.

Communication – keeping all parties up to date and managing the process

Accuracy and Credibility – the fact that Enigma People Solutions is an award-winning recruitment firm that has been around for almost 20 years and that is embedded in the Electronics, Semiconductor, and Photonics industries that we serve means that people are more likely to accept the introductions that we make as being accurate and of value to their businesses.

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