• An employee benefits package that people actually want!

    What people want out of a benefits package is changing and with a lack of people looking to change jobs, employers are really having to evolve their benefits offerings in order to remain attractive to the best people when recruiting.

  • Could your hiring manager be turning off great candidates?

    How businesses treat their candidates during the recruitment process directly impacts the perception of their brand in the market.

  • Six reasons for exclusivity

    Finding and attracting top-tier technology talent can be fraught with difficulties.

  • Why use a retained search for your key hires?

    Identifying the right people for your business is a key investment so why leave it to random chance?

  • Contracting: Positivity and Motivation

    Searching for your next contract? Whether you’re well versed in contracting or you’re looking to find your very first contract, we, at Enigma People, understand just how frustrating the whole job seeking process can be.

  • How to write an agency brief

    We recently stumbled across this article, written by Bryan Garvie, “How to write an agency brief – and get the campaign you want”, first published by BIG Partnership.

  • When Is It Time To Bring In A Recruiter?

    A recruitment consultancy is rarely a company’s first port of call when it comes to growing their team. As human beings we can be quite stubborn and insist that we can fix our problems ourselves. More importantly, we can fix them without spending any money.

  • How To Maintain Healthy Candidate / Recruiter / Client Relationships

    It’s became apparent to us while having a discussion on LinkedIn that there needs to be some clarity between candidates, recruiters and clients. There needs to be clear communication between all three parties to ensure honest and reliable results.

  • The 3 Most Common Lies Told In Job Descriptions

    So we recently discussed the 3 most common lies told on a CV. We felt a bit bad for putting the blame on the candidates, so we thought we’d flip the argument over to the side of the employers. Everybody makes mistakes! (Don’t worry, we’ll get to us…)

  • 6 Essential Interview Tips For Employers

    It isn’t just the candidate who can make a fatal error during an interview.

  • 3 Most Common Lies Told By Recruitment Agencies

    So we’ve looked at your CV and we’ve looked at the job descriptions… but we’re still not all being completely truthful. It’s time to look at the final link in the chain, the recruitment agency.

  • The 3 Most Common Lies Told On A CV

    Everybody stretches the truth on their CV, right? Pretty much, although some may not care to admit it!

  • 8 Mistakes You’re Making When Writing A Job Spec

    Amidst the ongoing war for talent, it’s crucial to put the effort into your search for the talent you need for your company. One engineer might be perfect for one business but wouldn’t last a week with another.

  • The reason your team is missing out on great candidates!

    Most candidates we talk to are looking for something more!

  • Welcome to 2023

    As people filter back to work from various extended holidays and ski trips (snow conditions permitting) I hope we enter the new year with renewed enthusiasm and optimism.

  • [Interview] – How it started – How it’s going – Alex Tsekenis

    Ai Exploration was formed in 2019. The company develops and commercialises hardware sensors and data analytics solutions for the Energy sector to provide real-time insights to optimise production & reduce emissions.

  • Does acquisition beat innovation and recruitment when building a tech business?

    The reality is that the tech space is highly competitive, and creating a thriving 21st-century tech business is certainly no walk in the park.

  • What excites and attracts graduates to the Photonics industry

    Enigma People Solutions actively works with clients in the Photonics industry in the UK and internationally.