The 3 Most Common Lies Told In Job Descriptions

The 3 Most Common Lies Told In Job Descriptions

So we recently discussed the 3 most common lies told on a CV. We felt a bit bad for putting the blame on the candidates, so we thought we’d flip the argument over to the side of the employers. Everybody makes mistakes! (Don’t worry, we’ll get to us…)

Job descriptions, while giving a general overview of a role, are not always entirely accurate. Here are some of the most common, and most unnecessary, lies that they tell.

1. Fun environment
Employers will always put this into a job description to entice people to the role, but unless people are jumping on trampolines in the staff room and every day is Donut Day, they’re probably overselling it. The thing about this lie is that there’s absolutely no need for it. People who have experience in almost any working environment know that it isn’t always fun. Don’t pretend that the office is a “fun environment”; more people would be sold on the fact that it’s full of passionate, hard working people than it being considered “fun”. Though there’s no harm in throwing in a Donut Friday now and then…


2. Office location
Think of a job description like a hotel. “Minutes walk from city centre” can mean “117 minutes walk from city centre”, and being located down the road from a pond does not mean that there are nearby swimming facilities. Lying about the office location will only cause problems when you get to interview stage, when the person who you think is perfect for the job ends up being put off by a location that is far less convenient for them than was suggested.


3. Overselling the role
Pretty straight forward and pretty similar to a CV! Everyone wants to make what they’re providing sound much, much more impressive than it really is. A job description may write three tasks that the candidate will definitely have to do on a daily basis… and then add five more to make the role sound more appealing. This isn’t going to go down well when your new hire arrives for their first day to find that “Event Organisation” meant “Get the meeting room ready and put the kettle on”.

Honesty goes a long way when it comes to your career. Whether it’s in your CV, on your job advert or in your day to day work life, no good can come from pretending to be something you’re not!

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