Will the increase in placements continue in 2023?

Will the increase in placements continue in 2023?

Points to note from the recent Royal Bank of Scotland Jobs Report. As is often the case, January saw an uplift in permanent placements.

“New year, new you” is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but... will this increase in placements continue in 2023? Growth of permanent vacancies slipped to a two-year low, while demand for temp staff fell for the first time in 28 months.

Of course, pressure on salaries remained high with increased earnings being a strong driver for people moving job. Candidate shortage and increased living costs are seen as the main drivers of the continued steep increase in permanent salaries.

The upturn in demand continued to weaken from the near-record pace registered in April 2022, and was weaker than the historical average. Of the eight monitored sectors the tech sector had the second strongest demand.

Indications are that job availability and hiring will slow down in 2023, but that is unlikely to make filling the jobs that do exist any easier, as candidates become more cautious and reluctant at the same time. They will also demand higher wages to mitigate the perceived risks of a move and take the opportunity to increase their earnings to overcome a higher cost of living.

Interestingly, there is consistent commentary from observers that employers should be creative about filling their roles instead of relying on the perfect fit, and be prepared to promote, train and develop people new to positions. As I said in my article at the start of the year in 2023, companies should hire for potential and invest in people.

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